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Labkable, a name not unfamiliar within the head-fi scene, is a premier maker of head-fi cables and accessories.

Since our inception in 2010, we have kept on researching and developing products to cater for the needs of music lovers on the move. We strongly believe in investing in the best materials possible to ensure consistency in performance. Each of our products is meticulously handcrafted by experienced engineers. These have allowed us to give the highest attention to detail not possible with mass-produced products.

When we set out to deliver the ultimate cable back in 2014, we went all out looking for the best materials available. We soon realized that the conductor alone was not able to deliver the standard we wished to achieve. We then started looking into vibrational and noise effects on cables. We could always take the easy way out by adding a shielding jacket over the cables but that would make using our cables inconvenient and restrictive.

We looked into many techniques and technologies, but none of them delivered satisfactory results by itself. Many man-hours were put into developing a good solution to minimize the detrimental effects of both vibration and noise on the sound. We hit eureka moment when we discovered a new way of weaving.

The weaving technique we discovered brought the traditional twisted pair configuration to a whole new level. While the twisted pair was good enough to suppress noise, it did not reduce the stethoscope effects enough. The weaving technique we used was able to not only reduce the stethoscope effects but still maintain a dynamically enticing sound. We proudly name this technique the Labkable WeaveTech Structure (Patent pending).

After all these years, our mission statement remains the same. That is to deliver quality products of the highest possible value, ensuring great musical enjoyment for many years to come.

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